Welcome to the Office of Veteran Affairs

Santa Rosa Junior College is an approved college for the training of veterans and veteran's dependents under the various public laws of the United States and California Veteran enactment's.

Students eligible for veterans benefits are urged to contact the Veterans Affairs Office in Plover Hall well in advance of registration so that necessary arrangements may be made with the Veterans Administration or the California Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans should keep in mind that the timelines with which their checks will arrive is usually in direct correlation with the timeline with which they apply to the Veterans Administration. Payments will be retroactive from the first day of attendance. Since the payment of fees and books cannot be deferred until receipt of benefits and the Dean's Loan Fund cannot provide loans to cover all veterans during the first two or three months of school, the veteran should be financially prepared until benefits begin.

The state of California provides a program for children of veterans who are deceased or are disabled from service-related causes. Application should be made to the Sonoma County Vets Services, 2300 County Center Drive, Building A, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

Veterans and military reserve members are granted four units of college credit for completion of basic training. Additional academic credit may be granted for advanced military experience and training as determined by the Evaluations Office of Admissions and Records.